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Rhys Jennings in The Stationmaster Audio Musical

RHYS JENNINGS will be heard in Tim Connor and Susannah Pearse’s full cast audio drama musical The Stationmaster which will be released on all major platforms on July 26th. The musical has been fully adapted for audio and features Alex Young, Nigel Richards, Nicola Sloane, Jessica Sherman, John Coates and Abiona Omunua and others. Rhys […]

Rebecca Crankshaw as Lorraine in Faith Hope and Glory for BBC Radio 4

Rebecca Crankshaw will play Lorraine in Roy William’s BBC radio drama series Faith, Hope and Glory. Now in its fifth series, Faith, Hope and Glory follows three generations of three families bound together by the fate of one baby lost and found on Tilbury Dock. It began in 1946 and the action has now reached […]

Beth Eyre in Missy: Bad Influence for Big Finish

Beth Eyre marks her Big Finish debut as Frankie Echo in Doctor Who spin off Missy: Bad Influence. Sometimes, Missy isn’t the only bad person in the room. Sometimes, she meets others with their own naughty plans. And whoever they might be – medieval thieves, wayward students, renowned assassins – Missy will bring out the […]

Shogo Miyakita in River Song: Last Words for Big Finish

Shogo has been busy with Big Finish Productions this year. The first of which has been announced today…. The first box set in her new series, The Death and Life of River Song: Last Words sees Doctor Who fan favourite River Song, after cheating death as a digital consciousness uploaded to the Library, brought back to life […]

Jacob Daniels in River Song: Last Words for Big Finish

Jacob is no stranger to Big Finish Productions and the Whoniverse, having featured in both the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles and Class. Now, he joins a new adventure…. The first box set in her new series, The Death and Life of River Song: Last Words sees Doctor Who fan favourite River Song, after cheating death as a digital […]

Melody Chikakane Brown in Money Gone, Naked Productions for BBC Radio 4

MELODY CHIKAKANE BROWN plays Karen in Money Gone for Naked Productions for BBC Radio 4. Airing on 26th April and available on BBC Sounds. It’s Valentine’s Day 2025. The UK awakes to financial catastrophe and no one can access their money. As the country descends into chaos, some see opportunity, but the powerful want to […]

Felix Trench in Camlann

Felix Trench in Camlann

FELIX TRENCH can be heard as Kay in Episode 7 of Camlann for Tin Can Audio. Camlann is a post-apocalyptic fantasy by Ella Watts from Tin Can Audio. It’s a serialised fiction podcast inspired by folklore and Arthurian legends. Dimitri’s plays Odysseus, the lead in Episode 6: The Sheep and The Goats. Camlann is available […]

Felix Trench in The Silt Verses

FELIX TRENCH plays Adjudicator Cross in Chapter 39 of The Silt Verses. The Silt Verses is a full-cast audio drama that lurks in the grey area between horror and contemporary fantasy. Carpenter and Faulkner, worshippers of an outlawed god, are travelling up the length of their deity’s great black river, searching for holy revelations amongst the […]

Jonathon Carley returns in The War Doctor Rises

JONATHON CARLEY returns to the role of The War Doctor in a new era of full-cast audio dramas from Big Finish Productions. In June 2021, Jonathon took over the mantle from the late John Hurt, playing a younger version of the character in The War Doctor Begins, an origin story for the incarnation which ran for six volumes.  […]

Matthew Gent on BBC Radio 3’s Words and Music

Matthew Gent will read a series of excepts in The Curse of Narcissus, the latest episode of BBC Radio 3’s Words And Music. Vanity and self examination inspired this week’s selection of readings from literature that mirror the Ancient Greek myth of Narcissus, who fell hopelessly in love with his own reflection. There’s Snow White’s […]