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Jonathon Carley returns in The War Doctor Rises

JONATHON CARLEY returns to the role of The War Doctor in a new era of full-cast audio dramas from Big Finish Productions. In June 2021, Jonathon took over the mantle from the late John Hurt, playing a younger version of the character in The War Doctor Begins, an origin story for the incarnation which ran for six volumes.  […]

Rhys Jennings in The Quin Dilemma for Big Finish

RHYS JENNINGS can be heard as Brother Gladstone, Turka and others in the latest Sixth Doctor Adventure from Big Finish Productions, The Quin Dilemma. To celebrate forty years of wandering through time and space in style, the Sixth Doctor and some of his best friends are about to find themselves in the adventure of his […]

Rebecca Crankshaw as Dorcas in BBC’s Don’t Look Now

REBECCA CRANKSHAW can be heard as Dorcas in Katie Hims’ BBC Radio dramatisation of Daphne du Maurier’s DON’T LOOK NOW. Don’t Look Down is part of a collection of dramas in Daphne du Maurier: Double Exposure, a celebration of the imaginative variety and power of one of our most underestimated but prolific and radical female […]

Dimitri Gripari as Odysseus in Camlann

Dimitri Gripari in Camlann

DIMITRI GRIPARI joins the cast of audio drama podcast CAMLANN for Tin Can Audio playing the role of Odysseus. Camlann is a post-apocalyptic fantasy by Ella Watts from Tin Can Audio. It’s a serialised fiction podcast inspired by folklore and Arthurian legends. Dimitri’s plays Odysseus, the lead in Episode 6: The Sheep and The Goats. […]

The War Doctor: Enemy Mine starring Jonathan Carley

Jonathon Carley as The War Doctor in Enemy Mind

JONATHON CARLEY returns to the role of THE WAR DOCTOR with BIG FINISH. Jonathon took on the role of The War Doctor for Big Finish from the late John Hurt in 2021. The audio adventure series continues in the sixth instalment, The War Doctor Begins: Enemy Mine. A warrior has joined the Time War between […]

Ashley Goh as Inez de Luna in Trice Forgotten for Rusty Quill

ASHLEY GOH can be heard in TRICE FORGOTTEN a new serialised podcast story from Rusty Quill. Trice Forgotten is a found-family, pirating adventure. Alestes puts her head down working as a merchant, couriering deliveries and carrying travellers to destinations across the seas. Only, her travellers gradually become permanent crew mates, until she realises her ship […]