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 Melody Chikakane Brown in Money Gone, Naked Productions for BBC Radio 4 

MELODY CHIKAKANE BROWN plays Karen in Money Gone for Naked Productions for BBC Radio 4. Airing on 26th April and available on BBC Sounds.

It’s Valentine’s Day 2025. The UK awakes to financial catastrophe and no one can access their money. As the country descends into chaos, some see opportunity, but the powerful want to cling to the status quo...

Money Gone is a satirical fast-paced drama written by Ed Sellek, with Melody Chikakane Brown as Karen alongside a terrific cast including Robert Bathurst, Josette Simon, Charlotte Richie and Aaron Heffernan.

All episodes are available now on BBC Sounds.

DIRECTOR: Tony Churnside
PRODUCER: Eloise Whitmore

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