Seeking Representation


Who are Jabbervoices?

Jabbervoices is a voice agency with a strong focus on character and story-driven voice acting. This includes work in video games, animation, audio drama and audiobook narration amongst other fields. Basically, if it’s story or character-led audio, we’re excited.

Jabbervoices is the sister agency of JBR Creative Management who represent not just actors, but writers, directors, composers and other creatives.

Who do we represent?

We represent actors with proven skill and experience in audio fiction. We’re always keen to hear from folks who already have experience in this area, but if all you have is a reel and a dream, don’t let that stop you from getting in touch!

Our voice actors are mostly from the UK, which is where Jabbervoices is based. If you are not from the UK, we’d still love to hear from you, but please know that a lot of the work we secure for our actors is recorded in-person in the UK, so some opportunities won’t be suitable. That said, remote recording is gaining in popularity, so if there is a recording studio close to where you live or, even better, if have your own home studio setup, it’s still worth reaching out to us.

Jabbervoices offers non-exclusive representation. This means we only take commission on work that is secured or handled by us. We understand that many jobbing voice actors secure their own voiceover work, and Jabbervoices voice actors are welcome to continue doing that. If you already have a UK based agent who handles you for voice work, please ensure they are happy for you to seek a voice agent before applying to us for representation.

How to apply?

Send us an email to

  • Introduce yourself. Tell us a little about you and the kind of work you’re excited by.
  • Links. If you have links to work you’ve already done, that will help us build a helpful picture of who you are as an actor, so please feel free to include them.
  • Spotlight. If you are a Spotlight member, please include a link to your Spotlight CV.
  • Samples. Most important, please include any mp3. samples of your voice acting work. This could be anything from a swanky professional gaming reel to some audiobook samples of books you self-produced or simple, clean audio of you performing a monologue or two.

Need some inspiration? Have a look through samples from some of our talent.

We look forward to hearing from you!