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 Jacob Daniels in River Song: Last Words for Big Finish 

Jacob is no stranger to Big Finish Productions and the Whoniverse, having featured in both the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles and Class. Now, he joins a new adventure….

The first box set in her new series, The Death and Life of River Song: Last Words sees Doctor Who fan favourite River Song, after cheating death as a digital consciousness uploaded to the Library, brought back to life in a cloned body and sent to Earth in the future, not long before it’s set to be ravaged by solar flares. 

Armed with only her sonic screwdriver and a fake ID, River heads out into a world soon to be ravaged by solar flares… where danger stalks her at every turn. 

Jacob will be heard as Dastur Tausend and Bunker Computer, alongside fellow Jabbervoices client Shogo Miyakita.

The Death and Life of River Song: Last Words is released in August and available now for pre-order via Big Finish.

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