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 Rebecca Crankshaw as Lorraine in Faith Hope and Glory for BBC Radio 4 

Rebecca Crankshaw will play Lorraine in Roy William’s BBC radio drama series Faith, Hope and Glory.

Now in its fifth series, Faith, Hope and Glory follows three generations of three families bound together by the fate of one baby lost and found on Tilbury Dock.

It began in 1946 and the action has now reached 1983….

1983. It’s election time. There are tensions between right and left, and young and old, and within families as a new generation of Black Britons take their place in Thatcher’s Britain, making their mark on the political, social, and creative fabric of their home.

Series 5 kicks off on 2:15pm on July 9th on BBC Radio 4, and will be available thereafter on BBC Sounds.

Produced by Pat Cumper.
Directed by Anthony Simpson-Pike.

Click here to listen to Faith Hope and Glory Series 5.

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