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 Rhys Jennings in The Stationmaster Audio Musical 

RHYS JENNINGS will be heard in Tim Connor and Susannah Pearse’s full cast audio drama musical The Stationmaster which will be released on all major platforms on July 26th.

The musical has been fully adapted for audio and features Alex Young, Nigel Richards, Nicola Sloane, Jessica Sherman, John Coates and Abiona Omunua and others. Rhys plays a number of roles including Inspector, Joe, Judge and Ghost.

The story is set in 1955 in a small, close-knit provincial community in The Lake District, and tells the dark tale of railway stationmaster, Thomas Price, and the secret kiss with Anna that causes him to miss a crucial signal. The resulting train crash kills 12 people. How far will Thomas go to cover up his fatal mistake? So, start the lies, the dangerous gossip and the guilt as all their provincial lives speed to a tragic collision…

To find out more visit Playbill.

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