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 Rhys Jennings as Loki in Marvel Move 

RHYS JENNINGS joins the cast of interactive fitness game, MARVEL MOVE, as the voice of LOKI.

In Thor & Loki: Trials of the Ten Realms, told over 32 episodes, Loki and brother Thor (Øystein Kanestrøm) guide the player on a running adventure across the the ten realms.

Six to Start have joined forces with Marvel Entertainment to create this all-new interactive fitness adventure set in immersive world inspired by Marvel Comics.

Rhys’ previous work for Six to Start includes Jack Holden in Zombies Run and spin-off adventure Jack and Eugene’s World Tour, Velichor in Dragon Flight and Abaddon in both Satan Claus and Hell’s Bells.

Marvel Move – Thor & Loki: Trials of the Ten Realms is available on ZRX now.

VOICE DIRECTOR: Matthew Wieteska, for Six to Start

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