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 Olivia Warren returns to the Spirit Rangers UK cast for Season Three 

Olivia Warren in Spirit Rangers S3

Following her work on Season Two, Jabbervoices’ actor OLIVIA WARREN returns to the UK dubbing cast of Netflix’ Spirit Rangers.

This time, Olivia plays Fox, Raven, Nanook, Scoopy and Twigs as well as reprising her role as Ribbit Jr.

Inspired by stories from Native American tribes and the majestic landscapes of national parks of America, Spirit Rangers explores the adventure and beauty of nature through the eyes of siblings Kodi, Summer and Eddy.

Created by Santa Ynez Chumash tribal descendant and the first California Native American showrunner Karissa Valencia, the fantasy-adventure preschool series celebrates community, nature and the rich heritage of Native American storytelling.

Spirit Rangers Season Three was released in the UK in April 2024.

VOICE DIRECTOR: Suzy Catliff, for VSI

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