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Peter Hannah as Bailey in Thalassa

PETER HANNAH plays Bailey in Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss, a first-person, psychological drama from BAFTA Winning games studio Sarepta. You play as Cam, a deep sea diver aboard the sunken ship, S.S. Thalassa, in 1905. You are tasked with uncovering the mysterious ill-fate which has befallen your former crew and friends. Alone in the […]

Beth Eyre as Lady Cagnali in Crime Boss Rockay City DLC

BETH EYRE features as Lady Cagnali in Cagnali’s Orders, the newest DLC expansion to Crime Boss: Rockay City. Cagnali’s Order features four dystopian missions where the Rockay City Police Department have been joined by an evil mega-corporation’s robotic police squad. Bursting with new enemies, a new boss and playable characters. Crime Boss is developed by […]

Shogo Miyakita as The Narrator in Inkbound

SHOGO MIYAKITA can be heard as The Narrator in the latest release from Shiny Shoe Games, Inkbound. Inkbound is an online co-op RPG roguelike from the makers of Monster Train. While on procedurally generated runs, players will draft upgrades to their abilities, judge risk/reward decisions about what paths to choose, and coordinate effectively in tactical […]

Shogo Miyakita as Toshizō Hijikata in Rise of the Rōnin

SHOGO MIYAKITA provides the English voice of Toshizō Hijikata for Team Ninja’s RISE OF THE RŌNIN. The Rise of Rōnin is an action role-playing game set in set in the mid-19th century during Bakumatsu, the final years of the Edo period. “I feel so fortunate” Shogo shared “that I got to play even a small […]

Felix Trench in Captain America for Marvel Move

Felix Trench in Captain America for Marvel Move

FELIX TRENCH joins the cast of MARVEL MOVE in CAPTAIN AMERICA: TURKEY TROT. Six to Start have joined forces with Marvel Entertainment to create this all-new interactive fitness adventure series set in immersive world inspired by Marvel Comics. In Captain America: Turkey Trot, a nefarious thief takes advantage of the Thanksgiving parade. Can you help […]

Rhys Jennings as Loki in Marvel Move

RHYS JENNINGS joins the cast of interactive fitness game, MARVEL MOVE, as the voice of LOKI. In Thor & Loki: Trials of the Ten Realms, told over 32 episodes, Loki and brother Thor (Øystein Kanestrøm) guide the player on a running adventure across the the ten realms. Six to Start have joined forces with Marvel […]

Peter Hannah in Baldur’s Gate 3

PETER HANNAH voices and provides motion capture for 20 characters in multi award-winning BALDUR’S GATE 3. Since full release in 2023, Baldur’s Gate 3 has been showered with near-universal acclaim for its gameplay, narrative, and production quality and picked up multiple awards. The game was developed and published by Belgian game developer Larian Studios, with performance […]

Elizabeth Peace in Switchback VR for Supermassive Games

Elizabeth Peace continues her voice and motion capture work with Supermassive games in Switchback VR. Switchback VR is a spin-off of The Dark Pictures Anthology and features the player riding a horror-themed roller coaster. The director was Aletta Collins and casting was by Jessica Jeffries. Switchback VR is released on March 16th. Find out more here.

Elizabeth Peace in Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me

ELIZABETH PEACE provides motion and voice capture for DARK PICTURES: THE DEVIL IN ME for Supermassive Games. The Devil in Me is an interactive drama and survival horror video game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the fourth installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology The game features a cast of five playable protagonists and […]