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About Jabbervoices


The decision to launch Jabbervoices as a sister agency to JBR Creative Management was a natural progression for us, driven by several key factors that made this the right time for such a venture. One of the primary drivers for us was the undeniable expansion of the audio industry.

In today’s world, audio is not limited to just traditional voiceover work. It has found its way into various forms, such as video games, podcast fiction, independent audio dramas, animation, and audiobooks. The industry is experiencing remarkable growth, and with the rise of portable devices, people now have access to a wealth of all this audio content while on the go. This accessibility has empowered creators at all levels, from AAA video game developers to independent podcasters, to produce compelling audio content that demands top-tier voice talent. 

Voiceover vs. Voice Acting

In recognizing this shift, we wanted to emphasize the importance of the distinction between voiceover work and voice acting. While some individuals possess engaging voices suitable for selling products or conveying corporate messages, not all of them necessarily have the acting skills to create immersive characters and bring stories to life. On the flip side, there are experienced actors with a passion for narrative work who struggle to find their place in the commercial sphere or have little interest in it.

Our goal with Jabbervoices is to bridge this gap by providing a platform for skilled voice actors to explore their creativity in fields like audiobooks, audio drama, gaming, and animation, where storytelling and character development take centre stage. 

Our decision to focus on ‘story-driven’ voiceover work is rooted in our commitment to nurturing our clients’ creativity. Building characters and narrating stories is a deeply liberating experience for voiceover artists. It aligns perfectly with JBR Creative Management’s ethos of helping our clients explore their creative potential.


We understand that casting directors in these specialised fields often require talent with a distinct set of skills, and they may not always have the time to sift through a sea of commercial voiceover work to find the perfect fit. Jabbervoices aims to make their job easier by offering a curated selection of voice actors who excel specifically in character-driven and narrative work. 

The functionality of our website reflects this aim. Alongside the more traditional profile + reels format favoured by many commercial voiceover agencies, we also help our clients to build a portfolio of their individual character samples from existing work (see Samples) which allows producers to search for and find the ideal voice for the characters they are building.

The rise of AI…

It’s worth mentioning that the voiceover industry is currently grappling with the rise of AI voices as a potential threat to human talent. While AI voices may excel at delivering information, they lack the ability to express the emotional context that is vital for immersive storytelling. We firmly believe that ‘story-driven’ voiceover work offers a ray of hope for voiceover artists because it relies on the humanity, emotion, and authenticity of the speaker.

It is this human touch that sets voice actors apart and ensures that AI voices cannot replace the depth and richness that real human voices bring to narrative content

In summary, the launch of Jabbervoices is a timely response to the evolving audio industry, the need for specialised voice actors in narrative work, and our dedication to supporting the creativity of our clients. We are excited to be part of this dynamic and growing field, and we believe in the enduring power of the human voice to tell stories and build meaningful connections in audio content.